Friday, September 12, 2008

WotLK Beta: Some Recount DPS

Just have being playing around a bit while leveling and with Recount log taking and looking at some log as I do stuff. Currently at lvl 77. Here are some Recount logs of what my DPS looks like questing on "Single Target" session over several single targets. Usually mob dies within 10 sec or often less.

This is with just using Seal of Corruption or Seal of Vengeance on Single Targets only.

This is with Seal of Righteousness on several Single Targets also.

Majority of all my DPS is on a "Single Target" is done with Shield of Righteousness (ShoR) and Melee hits. I usually drop a Judgement of whatever Seal first then I hit ShoR and then HotR. By the time I usually get around to hitting ShoR the next time the mob dies or close to it. More so if ShoR hit critts. With SoC/V stacks barely have time to build up mob dies so fast. I can say one thing ShotR critt hits are nice when it happens as its a great chunk of DPS or threat. But on Single mobs they usually die in 10 secs. On a Multi-Mob attack it looks a bit different than on single targets.

As for Holy Shield. Well on a Single mob it only ever uses 1 or 2 of the charges on a single mob whenever i attack a single mob. So often more than half the charges go unused before the mob dies. ShotR has a much cheaper mana cost so its used every time its off cooldown as obviously it does way more damage/threat however you want to look at it. My current spec is below.

With all the recent new Beta invites that went out. The Beta server is lagging horribly in a big way. Makes doing anything severely laggy. Just casting a spell takes like forever its so laggy.

Edited: Add Spec pic & Holy Shield Comment.


modulok said...

I thought that retribution aura was getting buffed via spelldamage? It still looks like it does the same pathetic 1-2% of your damage that it does now. Can you comment on whether retribution aura will do more damage in wrath than it does now?

Galoheart said...

Retribution Aura uses Spell Power for any increase.

Protection Paladin gear does not have any Spell Power. Nor do we use Spell Power. All our Spell Power comes solely from "Touched By Light" which gets that Spell Power from our Stamina at a rate of 30%.

Yes at lvl 76 I think it is you train a new rank for Retribution Aura that at base does 112 damage i believe it was.

JD said...

Spec looks very much like what I was thinking of after the recent changes.

But, I wondered ... why only 2 points in AD? I've had that save my life countless times.

Galoheart said...

Yeah I like having Ardent Defender. However I find while leveling and Soloing much of the time Its really not needed that much. I'm not usually never that low that I need Ardent Defender to kick in.

Even in regular Instances I don't find I need it that much. As in normal instances even off tank class can tank as well which is something Blizzard is aiming for. As long as you have good gear its not that much a problem without it.

Raiding at 80 thats a bit different. You'll need Ardent Defender then.