Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank Goodness its Friday.

Haven't played for days, guess its obvious when I'm absent here on the blog. Yeah life happens. I feel stuck with one more level to go. Being a bit too busy and tired last few days. At least its really Friday.

Bummer, Beta servers are down again for another new patch.

Hell I haven't even downloaded the last Beta patch from earlier this week either since I last played either.

Well there is always a bright side, lots of rested XP! Hope Paladins get something good in the new Beta Patch.


Dominic said...

Hey bro, I've been meaning to ask you. Which beta server are you on?

Galoheart said...

The only one you can PvE on.


BigFire said...

Shield of Righteous just got nerfed to oblivion. Instead of 240% block value, it's down to 100%.

Galoheart said...

Yeah I say saw it as MMO-Champion brought up the changes.

I call that a HUGE Nerf!!