Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Screenshots WotLK Beta: Epic Quests!

I won't say what Quest it is. But many quests are very different than tBC. Some chains have lots of Lore and event Interaction in Northrend much more than anything seen in tBC. Some can be quite Epic (Epic Quest Chains) in event as indicated in my last post about quests whether it has purple items or not in the end. Many are just fun to see and be able to participate in. This is just one of many that are very Epic Quest chain in event.


Christopher said...

This kind of reminds me of the quest I did last night in the Old World (( Azeroth )), Battle for Darrowshire...I remember trying it once, when the cap was 60 and it was hard. I look forward to doing quests like this in WotLK.

On a side note, a great blog Galo, keep up the good work and the information, it is preparing me nicely for being a Prot Pally in the Expansion.

Hammerjudge said...

Aye, thanks Galo.