Thursday, September 4, 2008

WotLK Beta: Tanking, BoS and other Odd Stuff

I didn't get around to doing any the newer instances yesterday or much else for a matter of fact even with a bit of time. With the new Blue post on the Beta board for Paladin Feedback all that time got consumed with looking around on the Beta boards, reading posts and all other things. But did post my own feedback there as well.

I did do another run through the Nexus just for the sake of fun since a group of 71-75 looking for a Tank and doing some other quests in the zone to finish out the area. I did it in most the blues I had on with less avoidance in gear than my BC gear. I'm already in love with HotR and its nice. Any improvement on it is a plus to me, like being able to use it at 10yrds to target vs just 5yrds. But just running through a Instance and the Nexus as it was again made me like HotR even more, its just a fun Tank mechanic and aggro no problem best i could see hammering 3 targets then tab, kill, tab again kill.

Using Shield of Righteousness was fun in the rotation for the damage as you can see it visibly shave damage as well as the threat it does. No real good threat meter available in Beta. I have a Diamond version one usable in Beta but i find it too clunky and take up too much visual space as compared to say Omen needed to see in my field of view.

But Shield of Righteousness as have said before is just not graphic & animation impressive when used. It slams nothing! It makes no cool sound and makes no sound at all. Its just the quick flash of light and i find no fun about it. But it gives threat as well as damage at least and that's something else to like if nothing at all. With all the global cooldown and new spells and using a full rotation of spells things can be real tight it seems with all the global cooldowns.

I kept the new Blessing of Sanctuary (BoS) up for a blessing and since was AoEing most of everything mana was not really ever a issue. I barely Consecrated most the time, unless clearly needed since using HotR allot. I could only remember a few times for whatever reasons I had to switch to SoW for some reason for mana but it wasn't for too long. Nexus does seem to be much improved over the first time I ran it at 70 as the Hounds in the Instance long range silence seem to have been toned down. At least didn't seem a issue.

Not much issues on the run overall. And at most think i drank once, at most twice maybe but not as much as usually do as before without the new BoS. Its really not hard to realize in some ways that a Tankadin will want to have Blessing of Sanctuary (Tank Buff) up. If at all times if possible not just for the 3% damage reduction, but most especially for the much needed mana. Especially since JoW don't return much mana for Protection Spec. In 5 mans and Heroics that's not a problem with the buff as you will often be the only Tank & Paladin as well for the Blessings in a 5 man. In a 10 man raid If your the Tank you will want Blessing of Kings for obvious reasons.

Blessing of Kings is the Tank Blessing for raiding. But then, who is going to give you the Tank maybe one of two Paladin minimum in a 10 man Blessing of Sanctuary if needing or wanting it? You will need allot of Paladins in a raid just to get it and that's with the right class group in a 10 man or 25 man. You benefit from every Blessing: Kings, Wisdom, Might, Sanctuary. I'm more to having it changed from a Blessing and just called "Sanctuary" and just be a Tankadin long duration self buff.

However for the Nexus the Elf Boss in that instance still remain the most fun fight as well and a very cool Instance overall.

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