Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WoWInsider Image

Thanks to the readers that pointed out my Image on WoWInsider.

I do read WoWInsider as well, daily as a matter of fact in keeping up with as much as one can keep up with things in WoW and in other places.

However Mike I have no idea why my Image Pic is on WoWInsider in your piece or even just what you are referring to with my Image in "Not-so of the Shattered Sun" in your piece. I have no idea what he's referring to. I know of you personal beef with Paladins as well, especially Protection Paladins.

Oh, next time you could simply ask if you wanted to use my Image, as well or of anyone else that is as well. I happen to be a very cool guy. Comments work just fine on my blog by the way.

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Jim said...

The WoWInsider show had a segment on titles and the relative value of titles that are hard to earn vs. those that easier to get or can be purchased. Look at the trend in LoTRO and WAR (and it looks like likely WOW) where you get titles for easy achievements (like "kill 10 rats" and get "Rat-Catcher").

"Of the Shattered Sun" isn't drop dead easy -- it's purchaseable after you hit Exalted (which can be reached by simply doing enough dailies) -- but it's easier than something like "Hand of Adal."

Some people in the podcast argued that lots of titles just makes the game more fun (and that for a lot of people there's very little to spend money on after a certain point, so paying for a title is no big deal). Others argued that titles mean more when they're very limited and hard to get. It's an interesting topic.

I imagine they were just looking for a screenshot of someone with the "Shattered Sun" title in their name. It sure didn't come off as a deliberate jab to me.

Still, I completely agree that it's only common courtesy to ask before using a pic, or, at the very least, throw out a plug as a way to say thank you.

Hopefully, they will correct that oversight.