Sunday, September 21, 2008

WotLK Beta: Lvl 80 BE Paladin Stats Talented & Untalented.

Blood Elf Paladin Base stats "Untalented" at lvl 80.

Blood Elf Paladin stats "Talented" as a Protection Paladin without gear at lvl 80.

Posted those since I know some readers and those that theorycraft on the tanking class of various class and races will be interested in knowing what stats are at 80 without gear. Enjoy!

A reader wanted to see my gear stats. That's my gear and stats currently mostly all Quest Reward Blues as well as crafted Blues of Saronite and Daunting Plate pieces. Don't have any lvl 80 pieces on as yet except the Blue crafted neck piece. Lvl 80 Crafted Epic pieces are really hard to obtain as Titanium is hard to obtain. Need to hit up some more instance when have time.

Edited: Added pic & stats in current gear.


Light Of The Sun said...

Hey Galo. Long time no talk heh, but yea that is pretty beast. I would like to see you in all your gear and not buffed, i want to see how much spell damage a prot pally gets soley from the talent. or you could just tell me, either way I would love to see they way your gear looks.

Galoheart said...

Spell Damage would be 30% of Stamina as that would be the only source of spell damage one has from the talent Touched by the Light.

I'll throw a pic up in a bit anyway.

Mister K said...

Just wondered what talent spec you were using. I keep flipflopping on a couple of them