Saturday, September 20, 2008

WotLK: Alchemy Discovery System

I found allot of new Recipes now at the trainer since the patch, quite a bit more than before. But if your at the Trainer in Dalaran you can't go wrong. Most recipes seem like newer versions of the BC ones with some new Elixirs and new Alchemist stones. But the new Alchemy Discovery System was what I wanted to try out: Northrend Alchemy Research.

Its a Recipe you learn from the trainer that allows the Alchemist to tinker around with stocks of herbs from Northrend to discover new Potions, Elixirs or Flasks. This seem to be a more fair system than the tBC system of brewing hundreds of Potions and Elixirs with no luck. However I've being lucky enough in BC to discover all the Flasks in Alchemy in tBC through discovery.

So at the Bank used some of the 4 Herbs that I had as it calls for to Research and tinker to find something new. I discovered Elixir of Expertise which grants 45 expertise, which is now a new learned recipe as you see below. What I also noticed was I made a new Flask as a side effect of tinkering with the herbs Flask of Mojo (Increase mana regen to 38 per 5 sec) which is not a Flask I've learned as yet not did I learn the Recipe. Its just seem as a random Alchemy creation in the Research process of tinkering with herbs.

So a nice side effect it seem whether its a intended effect or not. The cooldown is 6 days and 20 hours it seems. So once a week you can play around and try to discover something new.


Hammerjudge said...

Hi, my pally also has alchemy. I am debating whether it's of much use anymore. I don't think it'll have economic viability as demand will have gone done so much. I don't see any BOP items which excite me (getting +30% from a potion, which I can only use once, as the special item on a trinket sounds pretty weak to me). Wondering if you've found any use?

Galoheart said...

Currently Alchemy items are not all done from what I've seem and to the best of my knowledge. There are not many BOE items but a few lvl 75 Alchemist Trinkets (3) but nothing for lvl 80. So Alchemy does not have all its recipes as yet. So its a wait and see till things are all finalized.