Monday, May 21, 2007

Alchemist Paladin Trick?

I learned this trick while questing in HellFire Peninsular, and why it occured to me i would never know. But probably because been a Alchemist plays alot into how my play style changes as a paladin. Alchemy backs up or buffer my weak spots as a paladin. I don't usually use my own pots if i don't need to, but will if i really have to. If i'm totally low on mana, i can make pots and use so i always have mana or health pots even though yes i can bubble and heal. But sometimes i have long bubble cooldown in a tough fight. But i found that been a Alchemist Paladin i can perform a nice new trick if you call it that.

I needed to make a pot real quick in middle of fight and i have alchemy potmaking always on side bar, so knows exactly where its at. I Devine Shield, and i made a pot while in bubble, drank it all before bubble was timed out. And back to fighting with the buff from the pot since i was out of the pot. The only trick to it is you must be aware where all your specific pot spells are in your book so not have to search long, a quick scroll a sec or two and make quick. If the pot is hot key to click on you can click it immediately to drink. Work like a charm. But it works only if your a alchemist i guess in been able to make buff pots.

I started thinking how can i apply this at other times or situations. I'm not sure of its usefullness though but it has its uses i think. One you must have the herbs to make the pot. I always do. I guess if your low on mana or need a major health pot or buff pot you think you need and your a Alchemist Paladin you can do that in middle of a fight and be back at it with a buff to continue fighting. Well its something new to learn.


Nibuca said...

Tatia is a Skinner/Enchanter. So not much chance of needing to do either in the middle of a fight. I've taken to carrying two stacks of food, water, health pots, mana pots, and bandages around with me. It's taking up a ton of bag space but it's either that or face the potential of running out.

I could probably bump it down to one stack of each.. last night was the first time I've used up an entire stack of any of them. Might consider that.

Galoheart said...

I'm find i'm carrying alot of stuff myself in bags hence my previous inventory problems, however the big things that more so cost it for me was having to carry over a half a dozen quest items, since i usually takes multiple quests at once to speed things up a bit.

I do carry food, +stats buff food for 15 min (strength/spirit) and some mana food i can make from nightfin fish for mana regen (8 per 5 sec) those two i carry. I do have some dragon breath chili i carry but thats tactical decision as i use it for AOE grinding trick to spit fire to mobs tanking as a leg up for fun. I use various trick i can as a paladin. Just like from 30-50 i carry a full stack of EZ Grenades, i had a friend a engineer make me always. Was Fun to drop in AOE. All tricks.

However mostly i really carry just one stack of buff food really, rest i leave in the bank. No point in carrying 2 sets for me. Stuff like cheese and chicken and apples stuff i get like that for quest reqards i never keep those those are always gone to vendor as soon as i get to a vendor i sell those foods. What i alays try to top off in my bag is the +15 min high health regen and buff foods. Those i keep in a large stack. I can always use the big buff from those.

The decision to have mana regen foods was because back in Azeroth due to been geard for soloing and geared like a warrior i can run low mana alot so since i was good at fishing i could easily catch NightFin Fish and i can make mana regen food, not much but 8mana for 5 sec was better than no mana when i was AOE grinding sometimes.