Monday, May 21, 2007

Shattrath City Faction, Scryers or Aldor?

I did the little quest and finally got to tour around and get the introduction to Shattrath City buy the guy there in the middle of city with the guardian. You walked around with the guardian and he shows you around and talk to you and tells you the history of the city and as you walk by other NPC's will say stuff to you like welcome to the city and all that. Some think you may be a new faction spy or such so they whisper it seems.

So after i went back to the guy there at the Terrace of Light he gives you a choice of one of the two factions to choose from to ally with.

Scryers or Aldor?

Choosing one make you gain reps with that faction and make you enemy with the other so as you gain reputation is seems with one faction you loose reputation with the other. Gee.. I could not decide as it seems the rewards and quest you can do are different for both and rewards been different also.

So i haven't chosen either or as i can't or have yet to decide. I have to figure out which one is best for me spec Protection Paladin, and which one also favors me as a Alchemist?

So far hard choice it seems as i can't decide. So i haven't choosen a side as yet.


Kaziel said...

My advice is to consider recipes before gear. As an alchemist, the Scryers can offer you a crafting recipe, where the Aldor cannot. In addition to this, the Scryer shoulder enchant gives +defense as it's primary focus, something we can never have enough of. :)

Galoheart said...

Been looking at both im my TBC Stratergy Guide and Scryers offer me 1 good recipe, wished they offer more though. Both seem to offer similiar gear maybe in just different stats though.

Scryers seem to have a few things seem interesting for me as a Paladin. I mean i'm already automatically friendly with Scryers so thats a plus. However the rewards seem to me to be similiar.

Kaziel said...

In most cases the rewards are just two sides of the same coin. There are some differences, but IMO they are pretty minor. The biggest difference for me is the shoulder enchants, since those are something I will continue to use as I move forward, while gear I will eventually replace.

Nibuca said...

The "list of gear to become uncrushable" requires a Scryer enchant.

The gear list is not all-inclusive. It may be possible to become uncrushable without the enchant. Not sure.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the shoulder enchants for each faction. The item rewards for both are nice, but easily replaceable. WoWWiki has an excellent comparison list for the two factions:


Galoheart said...

Seem Scryer had a leg up on the vote. I wonder why both factions seem to just offer so much shoulder enchants only? Scryers seem to offer me more i guess for defensive needs and the alch recipe, plus i already have points with them already just been already friendly. Thanks.

May just go that way when next threre in Shatt. So does that mean they attack me now if i walk over to their area of Shatt? I hope the Aldor don't attack me when i try to head over to where the Grand Master Alchemist Lab is in the tree house kinda thing. May check on that before i do.

Kaziel said...

I'd like to point out that unless you plan on raiding (and the impression I've gotten from reading your posts is you don't) being uncrushable is actually a hindrance rather than a boon. By becoming uncrushable, you take less damage. If you take less damage you receive less healing. Less healing means less mana from Spiritual Attunement. For someone who only plans to do 5-mans, the best option is to get some defense (like the full D3 set) and then load up on stamina.

Galoheart said...

Don't really plan on doing much raiding if i can help it. Plan to more so do anything solo mostly, 5 mans and Heroic's. At least thats the plan. A raid encounter maybe but based on the things i have to do in real life raiding dosen't fit into my planned schedule really due to the time and commitment it takes. Will keep those things in mind though.

Galoheart said...

Having some time to think about it, i'm also planning on doing 10 man or would like to if i can. What i'm not as keen on is massive raiding. Too many people, too much planning to get it all togeather and its a time sink of a commitment.

However if i have some time, yeah sure i would still like to attend a raid, to see how much i like it or for the experience of it all and the game play dynamics. I think the experience all around be valuable to do so. Its just i don't have a big desire to be a raider. So i guess i be in the camp of more content for the smaller guy that likes to solo or in smaller groups like 5 and 10.

However Kaziel your response is also interesting as it had me thinking for a while. If your not going to be doing lots of raiding and having to push for all that uncrushable gear then whats a good spec for someone not doing all that and more so on the smaller groups and the heroic instance route?

So far i think i'm set to go Scryer's.

Karl said...

For a Blood Elf Prot Pally, Scyers is really the only choice. While Aldor would be true for Draenei.

For a non-raider though, the best chestpiece you can likely get is a Aldor reward, so that should be considered as well.

My dwarf pally picked Aldor a few days ago, but for a BS non-raider that chestpiece was the deciding factor.