Friday, May 18, 2007

Blogging on WoW

I have to say it really takes a tremendous amount of effort to write a blog on adventuring in World of Warcraft and to try to keep it up to date almost daily with summary of prior days events or whats not. Just doing a blog entry can take me two hours. That's game time i could be questing maybe or something else. But somewhere someone will stop here and maybe pick something up reading.

So i have to give a shout out to everyone else that blogs on WoW. you guys and gals do great work and takes time and a lot of effort to put your thoughts, ideas and happenings down in text and pics. Some of you all are math wizards in how you figure out all of Paladin spell efficiency and whats not. For me i just enjoy the read, i call it educational research reading your stuff. When i need humor i read over at BRK. Can learn a lot of stuff from a hunter or a hunters point of view. My alts a young hunter too.

Shout out to you all who blogs on WoW


SingleGrrl said...

I tend to write most of my blog entries from work in between actually doing work :P

Although I've done half-entries and finished them later while on a particularly long flight path...

But yah, it does take a lot of inspiration and will to write. I'm glad to read your adventures!

WoWGrrl player blog

HolyWarrior said...

Thats exactly what I do! Many an hour that I'm supposed to be working is used putting together my latest blog entry.

I hope this doesn't get caught up by the work web filter...hehe