Friday, May 4, 2007

Journey to Winterspring

Headed to Orgrimmar to complete a Un"Goro quest, which made me now Honored with Thunder Bluff. I am now both Honored and Revered with all the major Horde factions. Did a few more things there before heading the on the journey to Winterspring. First thing had to figure was, how exactly do I get to Winterspring?

Decided to head to the Felwoods and from there I was told to head north in the Felwoods and would have to go through a tunnel. Galo and the Warhorse headed north and eventually ran into the tunnel after some time galloping through the forest. Seems you have to have good reputation with Timbermaw Hold to get through the tunnel unharmed, and from my last grinding session out here with the Felpaws I was in really good shape with a bit of reputation points already built up. However a few more reputation didn't hurt so went grinding to up my reputation with Timbermaw Hold (Need the XP anyway) a bit more and turn in stuff for more reputation points. Got some nice green loot drop in the process. Finally some plate armour I can actually use for a change, got a nice chest piece with stats. Also a few green weapons, but will AH them. I use blue weapons mostly.

Headed through the tunnel with my good relations with Timbermaw Hold and off to Winterspring. Pays to have good reputation going through the tunnel, you will need it. Also discovered that if you head the other direction inside the Timbermaw Hold tunnel it takes you to the Moonglades which was a cool find and so got the Flightpath there right outside the tunnel. It was refreshing to be in a new area from been in the jungles of Un'Goro. Winterspring seems really nice and have nice spring ponds. Those spring ponds got me wondering just what kind of fish can i fish here. Will have to do some ice fishing. Seems you can find the herb "IceCap" here also which was great for Herbalism.

Been in this new area I just went roaming around to uncover the roads, area map and find a camp or neutral town. Got ambush by some stealthed Tigers and was just good to see how tough things are here. Nice Tiger pets for Hunters here. Fought 2 lvl 59 Tigers at once, me been lvl 54 and won. Ahh pleasures of been a Protection Paladin. Found Everlook a goblin town and got the FlightPath there. Ran around the town to see if anything i could get from the vendors there i could use and not much. Did pick up a messenger quest for the Argent Dawn in Western Plagueland as i be heading that way soon.

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