Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fishing Nerfed!

On a side note if you haven't been fishing in a while. You were able to catch 2 fish at same time in some areas instead on just one. Happened to me after 300 fishing. Like 2 pairs of fish at a time, 2 valuable fish at a time etc. I often caught 2 fish in the Forbidden Sea at a time, this was a hoot to say the least. Well with the new patch it no longer happens. Blizzard says it was a bug! They take the fun out of everything. Nerfed!

I'm gonna miss having boat loads of StoneScale Eel for Alchemy to make StoneScale Potions (2000 Armor for 2 min). BUMMER!

Well that's a little nerf if you didn't like fishing you never knew about. And people said fishing wasn't fun. Try fishing and collection over 15 stacks of 20 stacks of fish. Hows that for fishing fun.


Sylvina Solaris said...

I'm a huge fishing fan, but I always hit a road block at 225... I'm just like "'eh... whatever." Who knows...

Galoheart said...

Fishing takes patience best i can say. I like it because its relaxing down time in WoW. Its like i'm farming standing still in one spot, because everything is valauble in some way.

Think about it, barely anything you catch fishing is as we all say vendor trash.

Galoheart said...

I like the changes to fishing for the most part.

The bug as blizzard always call it i think pretty much only affected people with higher level fishing skills. As it only happened to me when i started leveling over 300 fishing. It only happened when fishing in the Ocean also. It never affected fishing skills or leveling up either, so it was normal.

Only difference was before the fishing nerf at that was, when you caught a fish before the new patch you caught 2 instead of just one. And it was never always 2 of the same. It could be either 2 different fish or sometime 2 of the same or 2 of something else. When i saw that i though WOOW. I fish for over 2 hrs and got gobbs load of fish, rare fishs and lots of locked trunks. That was fun. Now its all Nerfed.

Well with Blizzard nothing fun ever last long if the secrets out.

Karl said...

Well, the change to a 20-second time and a guaranteed bite I think makes up for the 2-at-a-time nerf.

But unless you are an alchemist, I don't see why any class besides hunters would work on fishing. I never worked on fishing with my pally, and he has plenty of food.

But if you are a hunter, you can get free food, that's pretty cool.

Galoheart said...

Actually you can fish up or pull up allot of things when fishing and i have to say alot of valuable stuff. Yeah its not like its pure gold you fishing up besides fish.

But i've fished up many Bolts of Mageweave. Many pieces of very nice plate armor. Rare pearls some alos not so rare ones. Locked trunks with more armor and goodies. I've fished up recipies. To me thats all avluable. I think you can even fish up Epic pieces. Even more valuable even if i can't use it, at least i can sell it. As far as outland, some research i've done indicate some pretty valuable stuff can be fished up also.

Overall, i'm kind of player if i have a skill i max it out. Who knows what Blizzard will put in some hidden place no one ever seen yet. I'm kinda person that likes to find out. So love to fish for the surprise.

Kaziel said...

But if you are a hunter, you can get free food, that's pretty cool.

Blackened Sporefish. 310 cooking recipe for sale from the fisher guy in Cenarion Refuge. +20 STA and +8 mana/5 for 30 minutes. This is some of the best tanking paladin food out there, and I'd take it over +30 STA and +20 SPI any day. That, in and of itself, is enough to justify skilling up fishing.

Keiya said...

Hehe I like your blog :), good reading!

Some of new recipes are quite nice. Spicy Crawdads for example, gives a 30sta/20spi buff for 30 mins. Also, certain pools in high level fishing areas give Mote of Waters (10 motes = 1 primal. Primal Water is used for high end craft recipes/chants and sells well). Oh, and can't forget about the elusive Mr. Pinchy!

Just recently started working on my neglected fishing skill...it just takes SO long to level (though the reduced timer and guaranteed catch should help). Also: Remember that skilling fishing is based on number of catches you get, so any pool will do.

Galoheart said...

I haven't found or gottenthe Recipie for Blacken Sporefish as yet so i will have to look out for it. Spicy Crawdads as well. Both of those should help to allow me to level up Cooking to its max if i can find them.

Cooking been stuck for me around 337 or so since i haven't been able to find any new recipies for quite a while now. Will have to get both of those.

SingleGrrl said...

Fishing's great when I'm feeling quiet and subdued and don't care enough to find a quest to work on or a party to join up to make them easier.

Also, I can't count how many times while waiting for a Sunken Temple run to begin, did I sit there and fish a bunch of stuff to pass the time.

I started out as a Hunter, so feeding my pet was the main reason I fished, but while I fished, I learned the other benefits - the food buffs, the boxes from Floating Wreckage, the rare equipment that would come up on occasion... lots of cash to be found in Fishing, to repay for the patience!

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