Thursday, May 17, 2007

Goodbye Azeroth, Hello Outland!

Dinged 58 in Winterspring questing for Everlook inside the Yeti Cave. At lvl 58 I can now go through the Dark Portal to get to Outland and leave world of Azeroth. Went to Orgrimmar to vendor stuff and Ah stuff. Removed all my new lvl 58 armor I had sitting mail a while and upgraded some gear for new lvl and to survive outland till get better gear. I got a much better Shield so its nice also. So headed to Swamp of Sorrows and then south through the Blasted Lands and to the Dark Portal. Almost seem Hellish getting here. For 58 lvls I quested and Soloed countless quests all over the map so I could earn my right full place to head to Outland through the Dark Portal. Feel relieved been able to now head through the Portal.

/played time 29 days from 0-58 to get to the Dark Portal. I sat here and stared at the portal a moment. I would of though this thing be guarded with elites or something like that.
Got through the portal and you report to your faction here in Hellfire Peninsula so that would be the Horde. Its actually a quest and get Xp just for going through the portal and reporting here. Seem after a bit getting to other side of portal, I would have though Thrall of Orgrimmar would send a lightning bolt and strike me with a special blessing or a buff for like a hour or something for getting to Outland. Didn't happen but it would have been a fitting welcome in getting here.

Traveling on the Wing Rider to report in to Thrallmar on getting to Outland as the follow up Quest. Seem pretty exciting. I earned my way to Outland on my own steel, my efforts and just proud to get here finally.

The sky is really beautiful here.

Reporting to my very first actual Outland Quest.
Outland seem pretty dramatic and engaging just waiting around by the NPC's. Demons show up and its dramatic. The Horde NPC's just rip them apart in style. I'm just dumb struck watching all this happen. Very cool. I couldn't help but constantly watching my back here thinking something going to get me from behind or sneak up on me. Like this Giant Elite walking by that shakes the ground under you. It seem like a very wild place here. I completed my first quest and i got a nice 1H sword. Its got more DPS than Hanzo Sword, but not ready to give up Hanzo Sword just as yet, need a superior weapon still. I got a follow up quest to head off to some other place and report to some other person, basically I got lost. Can't figure out where its at, i have no bearings here where things are and everywhere they stuff that want to kill you here. No place to be lost here. Well I made it to Outland....Finally. Its Kindergaden all over again.

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