Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ding 55 in the Felwoods

Returned to the Felwood to complete some quest I had there and wasn't able to complete much, just wasn't as focused. I was thinking of leveling up a bit I guess. I had a few XP bars to go through and with max rest bonus available that means i'm a usual go for a grinding session or to up my reputation points with Timbermaw Hold.

Made it to the Furbolgs camp and started off killing the Shamans, I really hate their nature spells, so they were always the first to go. I can take the physical beating but the spells seem to drain me much in health. The rest of Furbolgs just took their turn on my shield and blade. There's not much to say about grinding, you just keep killing Furblogs until you eventually leveled up, so thats all I pretty much did and it really didn't take that long either. I did get a spectacular Blue Gryphonwing Long Bow. Nice for a Hunter!

The one thing that I hated was when the Furbolgs would drop a Curse on me and I could'nt remove it as it also lasted a full 2 minutes and it reduced healing to 50% on all healing. Paladins can't remove Curse spells best I know. This can be rough on a paladin grinding mobs in masses. At one time I had 4 curses on me i think they stacked too and all I know was that I could barely heal. Ardent Defender was a blessing and kept me alive long enough to think of ways to maybe get out of situation, as I could tell it was working to reduce incoming damage. At one time I bubbled and bandaged with a heavy netherweave bandage and it barely moved my health bar on low health. Needless to say I had to do a long corpse run back to the camp. Make that three times I had to do so grinding. As a result I had generated more hate for the Furbolgs and killed more of them for reps. The spell damage from the Shamans really dropped my health alot and reminds me as a pally i'm a bit vulnerable to magic damage. The funny thing was as a Alchemist I had some Magic Resistance pots in my bag and on hot key and i just forget to used them, they last 3 minutes each and give +50 resistance to all magic if I remember. Good to have, but most effective if actually used vs unused. I usually use Alchemy to back up where i'm weak as a Paladin with the needed Potion or Elixir a very good use of the trade i think.

All things otherwise the rest of the night was uneventfull, just alot of repetative killing of Furbolgs. Raised my reputation quite a bit but i'm still not friendly enough fully with Timbermaw Hold as yet. Well i Dinged 55 and for lastnight that was all that i really cared for, it was late anyway and i needed to head to my commute soon so Z's was in order. 3 more levels to Outland, progress is slow coming but i'm moving along, steady progress i say.


Peter said...

Sounds like the grind is getting to you too. Stick in there and have fun with a hunter alt.

The slimes and gnolls in Wetlands have been giving my Bear diseases and there is nothing I can do about it. Pally cleanse is nice and I miss it.

Must train in archery and level it up so I can use cool bows as well as guns.

Galoheart said...

Yeah its been a grind with the Furbogs, lickily i could get reputation points in Winterspring which helped in the camps with the bead collection. So i'm not finally Neutral. But all that allowed me to do was turn in the Quest Totem to one of Timbermaw Hold Elders and get some good XP. Not enough i think for all that grinding.

So i'm now lvl 57. I will go to at least friendly with Timbermaw Hold to get a Alch recipe beyond that i'm not sure if its worth getting exaulted as that is a forever grind i think, though the Trinket you get for summoning a spirit shaman to your aid can be cool. Dunno will see.