Monday, May 21, 2007

The Price of Wearing Plate Armor

Since in Outland I've been racking up noticeable repair bills. I probably did before but it was always due that whenever i went to a vendor that could repair my armor i always had it in tip top repair fashion.

Been in Outland and with much better armor improvements i find after quests, a few deaths from lots of adds and grinding a bit in a few areas but taking lots of hits on my delicate plate armor and on weapon durability that Plate Armor repairs in noting to laugh or shake a stick at or take lightly. Plate Armor repairs is EXPENSIVE! Warriors & Paladins are only classes that wear Plate Armor. Plate Armor is best you can get, provided lots of armor protection but when it takes massive amount of hits on that delicate plate the repair bill can damm skyrocket to repair it. My second day of Outland total repairs was almost over 10gold total on several repair sessions at vendor. At one time my Hanzo Sword almost broke with just 3 durability points remaining, i had to switch to another weapon deep in a enemy camp or fel orc's and immediately hearth out of there to get repairs. Cost a bit of gold to repair.

I'm not raiding or running lots of instances, I'm just soloing and so i encounter my fair share of deaths, few usually as i try to avoid it since i play a bit strategic if i can, but it happens. I grind a bit so i take lots of hits or multiple hits from many mobs on me all at once. But when i show up at a weapons merchant to repair on every quest turn in usually it stuns me at my repair cost. Luckily the trash loot can often cover it in repair cost, but its pretty much just that...covers repair cost. I have to imagine what a Warriors repair cost is tanking instances or a Paladin tank that's actively tanking instances on a group run or raiding is. If mine is costing me several gold in repairs, i can't imagine what a tank in plate repair cost is. Other classes in cloth don't usually take the hits in groups or the mail armor wearer as much. Plate wearer take full onslaught damage. So i can only imagine the staggering cost of repair for that Plate Armor.

People need to love their tanks because that Plate Armor comes at a price for their group protection from mobs.

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