Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WoW without SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.

On the lighter side of things World of Warcraft (WoW) has gotten alot quieter for the last several days and i know its just not me that have noticed the absence of SPAM, SPAM constantly. Practically anyone that plays WoW in some daily fashion has noticed it and i can't see how you could have not noticed it at all since Patch 2.1.

Good Job to Blizzard for putting the Sword & Axe down on the GOLD SPAMMERS. I was practically sick of the SPAM messages like every 10 seconds of a session. That's alot of damm SPAM when your trying to read text messages without the SPAM messages itself all directed to selling in game gold or power leveling services. So life has indeed been much quiter now or seem so at least FOR NOW.

I've seen a few SPAM messages in trade since the new patch. Its always a level 1 character in one of the major cities. In doing my part i report them promptly using the new report feature. Getting rid of the gold spammers would be nice.

Spammers have been using a new tactic though i have noticed. Level 1 gold spamming characters are zoning into random zones and sending random & CONSTANT group invites to players to group. I've gotten a few and when you respond back if they frustrate you enough to do so, then the SPAMMING starts again since now you've whispered them back. Gold selling spammers just won't quit. If you don't buy the gold supporting all these gold selling outfits they be no business for the Gold SPAMMERS to SPAM us for to sell and buy gold.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed a big dive in the Spam whispers too, but I still use SpamSentry to block lvl 1's from whispering me entirely (it lets them know, so if they're legit they can hop to another toon or level up or something).

I've had a couple of "dafalkeuois" people invite me, unsolicited, to a party as well, but after one invite they didn't continue to invite, so I didn't have to either report them or /ignore them either.

That being said, while I was on my level 1 bank toon in Undercity, I had a level 60 invite me to a party without whispering a word to me first - and he was in Zul'Farrak at the time. I declined the invite and didn't get re-invited, but now I wonder just what the heck THAT invite was about. I should have taken it because that was just plain odd and backwards.

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EJ said...

Do u know about Dragonfable?????

Galoheart said...

I can't say i do or ever heard of it.

However since the new patch i don't get any SPAM. I still get random invites sometimes from people with names thats made up of random letter words that make no sense.

Something like "Vtrhsptgs". Its hard to miss it when you see it. Thats not from a real actual WoW player. Its SPAM. Because if you respond back now they can SPAM you.