Monday, May 21, 2007

Lvl 60 Training

Since lvl 60 i headed back to Silvermoon to get new training. A lot of new spells are available at lvl 60 for training. In all i counted 21 new spells or improve rank spell training. Spells cost on average 4.5g a few was for about 25 silvers..... Ouch! Lots of the spells were not even stuff that i as a Paladin even use for myself. I say over more than half the spells it seem were all group Utility Buffs on greater blessing buffs. How about a new offensive ability for once!

In all it cost me no less than 90gold in total for training cost. Bummer! And for half the training in spells that i not even can use myself to help me out questing on my own. But i got all the spells anyway. Some people make fun at Paladins, but you got to admire the ones that actually take the time to get all their spells in the first place and get the reagents to go with greater blessing spells so they can buff up everybody in a group. On every training session i obtain every single spell even if i can use it or not. I just have it if i ever need it. Heck i got spells in all my time to lvl 60 i have never ever used.

Some time ago i decided to get Avengers Shield, I have yet to ever use it. But i have it. I have more fun just using my Boomerang to range pull at 30yrds. I have 1 talent point i have yet to place. Not sure where i will put it yet. I can maybe put in on Ardent Defender. I find Ardent Defender saves my life more time than i can count as i can tell it works at i sometime fight on my health down to the wire when i sure i can win without having to heal even though i know i could. So may get my full 5 points there.

Spells i never have actually used.

Devine Intervention.
Righeous Defence.
Any Greater Blessings (I don't Raid or as yet)


Nibuca said...

I group/instance a lot and I find that I use Righteous Defense almost every other fight. (it's getting better as my group learns to manage their aggro more)

I have the reagent for DI but I've never used it.. lately we're terribly overpowered for the instances and we're in no danger of a wipe.

I just got my first Greater blessing. Guess I should buy some reagents ;)

I rarely use... that one that fears the undead. I used it once when attacked by an undead elite 5 levels higher than me.. but normally I want to kill all the undead, not scare them away.

Galoheart said...

Yeah i don't group as much as others so i never really had to use Righteous Defense or Divine Intervention either. Sometimes i have grouped for a short while and never occcured to me to use Righteous defense even then.

Only till after i though about it and though hey would have been good to use that just to see how it actually works. Yeah i can see if one group more your in situations to use them more or the greater blessings in larger groups.

I usually find i can do most the quests alone aside from a instance run so that why some spells havent used and its not ingrained to use them either. I do have and carry the reagents though just in case been a good paladin. Reagents are cheap at a reagents vendor.

Undead spells you use alot in plaguelands and in Helfire Peninsular i find since lots of demons here and paladins spell are good for those, pretty powerfull also. I use Erorcism alot here to gain on a mob quick and it rocks. Usung undead i did in Western Plaguelands alot there as its mostly undead.

One trick as a Protection Paladin i find in when i used Fear Undead was that i could use it to cause a undead runner in which it runs away in fear and runs back sometimes with lots of their adds buddies and so i don't have to run and gather them up. Makes for good grinding in one place. Fear the Undead runner, then it brings back more undead. When down to one again instead of killing it fear it again to cause another runner to bring back more adds.

Kaziel said...

As far as Greater Blessings go, maybe I'm just lazy, but when I'm soloing I am willing to pay a little extra for the 15 minute duration of a Greater Blessing.

For Righteous Defense, it's a really hard thing to use since you need to target your fellow players to use it, but one thing I've found helps is this macro:

/cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense

Basically it will make it function like a normal taunt. You cast it on the mob that's running towards your ally, and it will cast it on your target's target.

Galoheart said...

Thanks Kaziel, hey like your blog been meaning to add you to my blog list too.

Thanks for the Macro on Righteous Defense, i will set it up and hopefully i can put it to use and see how it all works or get to use it finally. Thanks.