Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Elite Blazerunner Defeated

Logged back into World of Warcraft and right back into Blazerunners cave on top of Fire Plume Ridge. Making another go around and failing to defeat him was not anything i had in mind. So decided to get a little buff help from Alchemy. Immediately made me an Adept's Elixir for increase spell damage and Onslaught Elixir for increasing attack power on the spot. I don't normally use these myself as much or make since limited bag space, i mostly sell them and they great to sell. Adept's Elixir been great for spell dmg increase and effect on healing. So buffed up as ready to go at Elite Bladerunner again. I changed to Fire Aura to lessen dmg and back face cave wall. Only other change strategy was to constantly dispel his aura on Hot Key. Used SOC, JOC, SOR and kept up Consecration as his Aura was dispelled and i kept dispelling it as it impenetrable when up. I had to use LOH & Half bandage also since he hits very hard. He bit the dust eventually and completed Quest.

Finally after all the frequent flyer miles all over the place and talking to and finding countless people i finally got my Boomerang Trinket. I immediately equipted it and went to try it out on Hot Key and it work from 30 yards, does damage and has a 4 min cool down on use after a pull. WOOT!!

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