Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Started a Alt Character.

Over the last few days i decided to start a Alt character to my main Paladin character. Its really about been efficient in questing why i decided to do so. Having to constantly return to a big city to sell my stuff on AH is a time sink when questing. I also hate to be contributing to what i see is a problem in WoW with so many people having Alt characters, thus you never see then around much for friendship, grouping or in guild. Purpose of the new Alt character is primarily a bank runner to sell my questing inventory loot for me on AH and scan stuff i need and have him mail new stuff back to me. I can mail stuff in far away zones to him cheaply, have him collect it in mail and sell it on AH. I've also seeded him 100g for auctioning use and market speculation trading.

The new character is a Blood Elf Priest boy. I leveled him up a bit to level 18 in the process as i got it done pretty fast in a few hours so he now have some skills and i twinked him up with lots of good green gear and skilled him in skinning and disenchanting. Didn't really take long to do as i remember all the quests in the Blood Elves area and i just zapped through them with minimal effort. Anyway the priest now has residency in Silvermoon Inn as its easy to get to and forth from the mailbox and to the AH there.

All things other wise the priest will not be mentioned much in this blog. Will refer to him mostly as my Alt character for all references since he's not a character I will be playing much right now or care to level up. My main focus is on playing a Protection Paladin and getting to level 70 and that's what this blog is about mostly of my journey.

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