Monday, May 21, 2007

Paladin Epic Mount Quest

On my visit for Paladin training i picked up the quest which i guess is to get the Paladin Epic mount. Had to go visit the Boss lady and a quest to obtain some items.

6 Arcanite Bars
10 Sungrass
5 Dark Rune
40 Runecloth

All of these easy for me to obtain. As a Alchemist, i had stacks of Arcanite Bars transmuted sitting in my bank. Sungrass i had in my Bank for Herbs. I had stack of Runecloth from fighting in Winterspring sitting in the bank for unknown reasons so didn't had to buy. Did had to buy the Dark Rune though on AH for 23g for 4 ... Ouch. Couldn't be bothered to go quest for it.

So now i had the followup quest on turn in to head to Eastern Plaguelands to kill some undead engineers and destroy some engineer units something like that. First time heading to Eastern Plaguelands so was interesting. Fighting undead is easy for paladin, we got all holy spells for undead at that. So was a easy quest. I ended up completing it easily and then bit of grinding on undead for even more runecloth. I had forgotten my Argent Dawn Trinket in the bank so could not obtain Stones for Argent Dawn so didn't bother to grind much. Did get a bit of rep increace.

I wondered around Eastern Plaguelands a bit and found the Argent Dawn Hide out Camp way to the east corner or Plaguelands at "Light's Hope Chapel". I just got the Flight Path here and didn't take any quests. Most i need to get with Argent Dawn is Freindly to get a few alch recipies that's about it. Unless there is something special i can get maybe. Everything in Eastern Plagueland seen to be lvl 54 and above. I also found "Statholme" wandering around and made my way right up to courtyard. I think i have to return here for the Epic Mount Quest

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Karl said...

Well, strat is required for the epic quest, at least for alliance, as one of the items you need is holy water as an alliance pally. For horde, it migt be cholomance for the dark runes.