Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Little Alt Brother - Krovon

I now have a Alts Brother named "Krovon" the Hunter. I'm not keen on having many characters as been a Protection Paladin is my main character and what i love to play, i just like Melee combat. But I'm also a avid reader of Peter's Blog and been a daily reader he got me curious in trying out a Hunter since he has a new Hunter. Yeah i read BRK - Big Red Kitty's blog, always funny to read, but its interesting. I often reads his blog just for the funny humor of been a Hunter even though I'm a paladin, just never know what you will learn or pickup so i read many people's blog. Just wider understanding of all things with a grain of salt it is... but mainly its just Paladin stuff i prefer to read.... for now.

However a new Hunter has been born and "Krovon" will some day make a fine Hunter. I'm gonna learn from BRK so I'm sure I'm gonna be one. I get to read Peters Blog of his daily happenings and funnies so i will sure to do just fine, plus he's one of the most daily consistent blogger on WoW i know of as a player. BRK i read for mainly tactical learning, concepts and just things i need to learn Hunter related. I usually play a Paladin so I'm mostly focused on one class, though much Hunters around, i usually had no idea what a Feign Death was as i do have a good Hunter Friend. Often i just though he died so suddenly and once i tried to resurrect him, was funny. Peter's Blog i read and lean a bit from as its more daily happenings guide, learning and interesting to learn through the eyes of another player learning their class and that's always more interesting as its relatable. I like Peters humor which is much better than mine so all great.

I got Krovon leveled up in just a few short hours and i think he's now a lvl 14 and lives in Blood Elf (BE) area of Silvermoon currently. Krovon has proven his tenacity to be a Hunter beyond his measure at a young age. At 10 he ventured to Thunder Bluff alone to get him some wide array of training for Swords, Axes, Staff, Guns from weapons master there, he's taken a bit ofter Galo as his older brother is versatile with all offensive weapons though Hunters use their pet for that; I like to be prepared always weapons wise. At lvl 11 he ventured from there in Thunder Bluff to acquire his first real Hunter beast Pet. He then tracked across the Barren areas alone on a single minded journey which would eventually take him to "Azuremyst Isle" Alliance territory. Krovon journeyed his way from the Barrens to Ashenvale to Darkshore, the latter both areas been Alliance territories. As a lvl 11 its a pretty dangerous journey, but Krovon was a Hunter will will power and determination to acquire a proven pet that reflects the inner beast of Krovon's might and a pet worthy of taming.

Having to get a boat ride to his intended area and no way around it to Azuremyst Isle, also meant impending death for his trials. In Darkshore Krovon resorted to tactics, removed name tag and snuck right into town of Auberdine a Night Elf town and right up to the Inn there. Immediately got stopped and hack to death by NE Sentinels all around as they could detect me from a distance away, so had to do a few long corpse run back to push ahead. Tried 4 more times and eventually made it all the way from the Inn there to the end of the pier encountering the wrath of NE Sentinels guards and pier Sentry & Sentinels all the way. It was funny to see Alliance members steer at him in wonder on the pier and boat ride to Azuremyst Isle. But i was not PVP flagged so i was fine. Tip: Just don't fight back when attacked. But the Hunter made it to Azuremyst Isle, jumped off the boat pier and swam ashore and off to find him a beast. Any of the tigers could have made a fine pet there or from along the way. But he already had his beast in mind a carnivorous "Ravager". In northern Azuremyst Isle, found him a Ravager spot and tamed him his first real beast pet.

Hearted out of area back to BE area. Quest completed for first pet. Was going to call him another name but decided on calling my new pet Ravager "Ravagon". So also starts tales from the HUNT!

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