Sunday, May 27, 2007

Continue Mount Quest

Turned in Holy Water to the Paladin Boss Lady and got a followup quest to obtain 4 one items to continue the quest. Per the quest seem all 4 were to be fairly easily otainable IF you had the gold.

One item a powder i obtained from a vendor inside the Rogue area, that sells rogue poisons, obtained it for 145gold. The next item another powder i obtained at a reagent vendor a powder for 45gold. Next item was a Azerothian Diamond i obtained that at Ah quite luckily at 2.5gold as the other 8 listed was for 16gold each minimum. Last item was a Pristine Diamond which i also obtained that for 14gold buyout on AH as there were only 2 listed. It may be a quest for the mount buy the mount quest do cost a fair deal of money to gather some the items, though less than the other classes a bit if you compare. So far so good.

The followup quest now is to head to a chapel inside Stratholme and extinguish a flame. Checking with a few higher level friends seem i'm gonna need a bit of help to do this as it seem if doing the quest will need some lvl 70 help as doing the quest it seem you will have to fight 5 Elite Paladins at lvl 60 or so inside the chapel all at once to complete the quest. Gee. I would have rather to try and solo it but, seem i rather have the help this time for once. So the next quest i guess is really getting the help to do the next part of the Paladin Mount Quest inside Stratholme Instance, will see when i can get this done.


Sylvina Solaris said...

The inside part is the easiest... you can do it with 1 or 2 70s. I managed to do it with a single rogue, with me as main healer.

Karl said...

Looks like the horde version of the quest is parallel, but quite different. Last night I did my version of this, going to Dire Maul and freeing the horse spirit. Now I just need to go back to Scholo to kill the final boss.

(Thankfully my guild bank had both the diamonds!!)

Good luck in Strat!!

Galoheart said...

I have 1 or 2 70's friend that i can ask to give me a hand since its not one that i can really do Solo. For the most part i really hate to ask to ask for help on any quests but i don't seem to have much choice on this last part.

Karl said...

yeah, I solo what I can (other classes don't understand what a Prot pally can do with the AOE grind), but there's no getting around getting help in Scholo or Strat.. a 70 can't solo those... (I've been doing the healing, and I see the damage the 70's take).