Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Post Patch 2.1 Changes For Galo

Logged in today real quick after the new update.

Headed to Shatt City to the Alchemist trainer after yanking some herbs I had sitting in my mailbox for some time and started brewing up pots. Moved Alchemy from 363 straight to 375. Those last 3 points took a bunch of pots to get the last skill points for but its done. I'm now maxed skill trained in Alchemy at 375. Now all I need is to get faction reps to get the other hard to get Potions & Elixirs and also Transmutes recipes.

I also went on a little spending spree in AH. Upgraded my gloves for more Stam & Intelligence was a lot more than the previous one. Saw some good weapons but I didn't buy I can live with the ones I have for a while longer. None was blue though.

I picked up my first Libram as a Paladin, just looking on AH and I saw one listed a nice Blue for 30g and i looked at it and just decided to buy it out right for 50g. Got to spend the loot on stuff I really need to make my life easier. Plus I waited 60 levels to wear a Libram so nice to have one for a change. I got the Libram of Fervor.

With the new Protection Paladin changes I slid my 1 unused talent point from leveling 60 into the improved Holy Shield. So far my spec in mind will now change a bit all the way to 70 so will see how that will work out in the end.


Karl said...

I see why the Holy paladins were upset with the update, but really, Protection pallys did ok. I also used points in the new improved Holy Shield (I had two points saved up for that).

Of course, being a dwarf prot pally, I'm going into weaponsmithing, which is still looking dreadful after the patch.

It is amazing the greens and blues that are turning up in the AH from outlands. Picked up a "breastplate of blade turning" for 16 G yesterday. 1/2 more level till I can use that. But every piece of gear I had pre-58 has now been replaced in 2 level except for my Hammer of the Northern Wind. That will be replaced at 61 as well.

It's gonna be hard to get groups for some of those other instances anymore, since almost any of it would be replaced by outlands greens.

Galoheart said...

Yeah lots of nice pieces i keep picking up in Outland also. So anything i can kill i kill it, i hate to me missing something passing up on a kill. I hear running ramparts you can get some nice pieces. I may have to give that a go and see.