Monday, May 21, 2007

Been a Paladin in Outland

So far I'm enjoying Outland, as its really fun and interesting place to be. Best i can think of is been in Outland is like starting the game all over again. Its like been in school in Kindergarden again to me.

Most the quest so far seem relatively easy, more difficult stuff ahead I'm sure. But so far quest it seems to me is to get you somewhat re geared for Outland questing. Quest goes like this: Bomb X number of target on bombing missions or on fly over, Kill X number of demons, Gather X number of plants, Obtain X number of items, obtain from specific mob X number of this or that, Find X number pieces of a ship. For rewards you get improved armor with very nice stats (stuff i really need) and +Spell/Healing, +5 mana per 5 sec, all stuff i never had before in Azeroth. I've replaced half my gear so far in Armor and I'm glad for that to get new improved Plate Armor and Spell/Healing/MP5 gear. What i need though as a Paladin is a superior shield, with armor rating, lots of blocking and good stats.

Other quests you also receive some nice trinkets as choices. I even got one for improved blocking i think it was. I now have 4 or 5 trinkets i can think of. I'm still working for Argent Dawn but i been missing in action for him a bit with that trinket though. But the quest rewards are nice starting at lvl 58. So my advice at lvl 58 head for the Dark Portal. If anything you can head back to Azeroth with nice gear for further quest stuff need be.

The new Plate Armor makes a tremendous difference in fighting now. I also have a few Plate Armor rewards back to back on same piece item that I'm almost not sure which to wear. For odd reasons now i got more mana than health, odd as this never happened before. One armor set peice has much higher stamina, the other less stamina, but intelligence to balance it. So for now i keep both and maybe rotate them for solo or tanking if need until i get a better set with balance of strength, intelligence, stamina and spell/healing and MP5's (mana per 5 sec). Almost all the new gear has MP5. This is really a boost to my man pool on regen. Before sometimes i be completely out of mana on some fights, so this helps a bit and had to use a mana pot then, at least better than before without it. However i do find wherever you can mana tap (BloodElf) a mob always build up mana charges. As if your out of mana as a BloodElf you can release it in Arcane Torrent to silence a caster but it also gives you some mana back based on charge built up if even a little to maybe recharge a blessing maybe.

So far my I'm starting to look at my Plate Armor gear more. Looking at it i realize i have like 300+ defence but i have almost 0 block rating on stats like that. Something i need to fix in time. No wonder i get hit so damm much. One trinket i got gave me more dodge rating but its only for like 10sec. So not sure how much help that is. But as a Protection Spec i guess i need stuff with lots of Block rating, Block value and Dodge rating or +Defence is i can find any of those type of gear. I can say it gets a bit confusing sometimes when analyzing picking up new gear. Since as a Protection Spec i seem to need so many different type of stats to make my Talent Skills work efficiently. Needless to say I'm in need of a very good 1H fast weapon as its a must have. All in all the new gear makes a big difference. Before from 0-58 i mostly had just warriors plate stats on my armor been high stamina ans strength and some intelligence. Good gear was just hard to find 0-58. So as a Alchemist it backed up been a Paladin greatly as i often made +25 intelligence pots to use as a buffer for not been able to find good intelligence stats on plate armor.

As a result of my new armor i also realize in how much difference it makes in having +healing/spell gear is that now sometimes when i heal with Holy/Flash of light my heals sometimes go critical. Never happened before. So i'm now getting more crits with just minor armor gear improvement. Great when you never really crit as much before. Most of the time i have combat log open to see what i'm been hit for as it makes a difference to me. At least i don't get to see all the spam messages. Seem the most thing you see in chat text log is mostly anyone located a Fel reaver walking around the thing that stomped me before. Or anyone want to group for Rampart Instance.

So far toughest things to fight so far in Outland so far has been the spider critter looking Razorfang Ravagers. I has a quest in their area to gather eggs. These things are vicious to fight, but all the same nice to fight also, as a paladin or warrior maybe. Funny thing my Hunter Krovon has one of these things as a pet. I like them because they are vicious. But they hit you with something called "Ravage" and its like they claw you in a swipe in the graphics and looking at combat log they block and return damage all at same time. Hmm, I'm wondering if this is a actual learn able skill since my hunter has one of these. If some can let me know that be great. But i constantly got knock back from these things when they did that, makes me think i really need more defence or block rating to armor and stats.

I found a nice place to grind in HellFire area and that was on the Buzzard Birds. They don't have anything special in attacking you and i did some AOE grinding on these things. The Buzzard meat is needed anyway as it makes nice buff food for +20 stamina if i remember. The Ravagers i grinded on some but not as much as it was tougher to AOE grind on then with that damm knock me on my feet thing they did with "Ravage" skill and not good when I'm procing Reckoning for extra hits. With the Ravagers you get ravager meat another meat source for buff food. I always carry one full stack as much as possible of +Stamina/Spirit buff food as Spirit stats usually comes with most food i can make. My spirit stats is the lowest anyway also so it helps in regening health and mana. Helboars are nice to grind on as i can handle multiple of them easily as a paladin.

I'm also having to use Adept Elixirs and Onslaught Elixirs i can make easily to supplement my low DPS pool when on some harder quests or just fighting more mobs at same time. I'm in need of a much better 1H so still working with Hanzo a lvl 50 sword enchanted with Crusader on lvl 61 mobs. So be looking for a good one. I find in Hellfire area if you find "Dreaming Glory" plant they lit up like a light bulb if you see one pick if if can and it gives you a 15 buff to regen health at +30 every 5 sec, helps allot.

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