Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Screenshots - Fishing in Azeroth

Fishing is good for you. Fishing is a good secondary profession. Fishing may be boring, but you can make the trip adventurous getting there. Fishing is FREE, it cost you no Armor Repairs. Fishing can be your Friend. Fishing can be GOLD to you, if think you think like a real Fisherman. Some people can be just flat broke in WoW with a ocean full of fish. When i look at the ocean i just see GOLD. You need the Fish, i can use the extra Gold.

Fish, its FREE.....so you don't have to Beg!! Give a man a fish feed him for the moment. Teach a man how to fish and he never goes hungry, at least you don't have to go Begging in Azeroth.


Keystone said...

I've been putting fishing off for a long time, but I think I'll give it a shot tonight, since it's probably more entertaining than farming rep >.<

Galoheart said...

Fishing is relaxing. Something different to do other than just farming sometimes. Could be more fun if your fishing with someone else and on vent or something like that. Just don't try to type alot and try to hook the fish, it will get away.

I have to think fishing in Outland should be interesting if your higher skilled at it. You just never know when blizzard will drop something unknown in the water or you catch something rare. Best be prepared.

Galoheart said...

Just know how the AH market is on your server be the other thing i say, at least you can get a idea of pricing if not many people fish.