Monday, May 28, 2007

375 Fishing & a Snafu?

Did a bit of a world tour on the fishing front leveling up the fishing skill from 342-375 last night. Some of the best time to fish is at night. Fished in Azshara in a few spots, Hinterlands in "Forgotten Sea" for variety and ended in Winterspring for ice fishing in the lakes.

I loaded up on 20 ten minutes Bright Baubles and went fishing to level up the skill once and for all. Hadn't fished in Azahara before and headed to the coast there and exploring the coast a bit. Mobs there 52-54 or so mainly Naga mobs. Fished in "The Shattered Strand" and in "The Bay of Storms" Used up about 8 lore's so about 1.5hrs of fishing other than riding allover the zone picking some use full herbs when i saw them mainly Purple Lotus.

Fishing went OK caught a bit of fish for the most part. With the new changes to fishing since the patch 2.1 update i noticed what may be a bug maybe or a new problem that can make fishing a bit harder. Some people seem to only fish and watch TV or do other things when fishing in World of Warcraft because it can be a bit boring. Well it may be a bit harder for those folks fishing now on. The timer been changed from 30 sec to now 20 sec fishing to catch a fish. The change in the timer just runs down much faster and as a result during the times that the timer ever exceed 80% or more of the 20sec timer countdown you better pay attention and you probably will miss catching the fish. The thing is the bobbler will splash in water at the very last sec before the timer runs out and by the time you click on it, less than a sec it seems the timer runs out and poof you miss the catch. Before you had at least 2 sec you could click and catch the fish. Usually if you miss catch a fish due to low skill lvl it will say go when fish got away.

This happened to me over and over a bit when i started and i had 342 fishing and though no way i can't be catching fish here and it did not say fish got away either when it did. The thing is when the timer is almost running out you have to really watch it to the end and at the last sec as soon as you see the bobbler start to splash even before it finish splashing in the water you have to click on it very fast right away to ensure you catch the fish or you'll will miss the catch. I started to pay attention to this and this works. However the minute you slip up and not pay attention looking at something else you miss one again. It is very frustration, as i probably missed 10-15% of my catches, sucks!! JUST HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION NOW ON. Unless Blizzard fixes it soon. This never happened before as it gave you a sec or two when you clicked it to catch the fish before the patch. However i reported it to a ingame GM as a bug, got a GM response and they will report the issue with it.

Fishing is now at 375 and spent 16 (10) min Bright Baubles, about 3-3.5hrs total fishing time as some time i did not use a Bright Bauble. Had to hearth out to make a trip to clear the bag space and then switch zones to fish again.

Will report my catches here later: Fished from 8pm until past midnight.

Winterspring Catches.
22 Plated Armorfish
42 Raw Whitescale Salmon
6 Raw Sunscale Salmon
5 Lightning Eel
26 Raw Nightfin Snapper
1 Raw Redgil

Azshara & Hinterlands Catches.
18 Raw Rockscale Cod
39 Raw Summer Bass
10 Mightfish
85 Raw Spotted Yellowtail
30 Zesty Clam Meat (Giant Clams)
2 Mithril Bound Trunks
1 Reinforced Locked Chest
1 Heavy VCS Crate
34 Stonescale Eel (80% in Azahara, Bay of Storms)
24 Firefin Snapper
40 Darkclaw Lobster (Azahara Only, Bay of Storms)
1 Lobster 7lbs
9 Large Raw Mightfish (Azahara Only, Bay of Storms)
1 Grouper 53lbs
1 Grouper 40lbs
2 Black Pearls
4 Iridescent Pearls

Total Catches: 404

2nd Edit Update:
Posted most the fish catch on AH this morning. Almost everything been sold, with exception of a few Yellowtails. StoneScale Eel are not for sale but for Alchemy potions making with some metals can net me 90-100g if and when all sold. Yet to open all the trunks. Profited at very minimum was at least 50gold from the fishes.


Peter said...

Do you only fish the schools or do you fish anywhere? These days I only fish schools, I can't be bothered with the other fish and if I catch one by mistake I don't even loot it, my bag space is too precious. Pets get only the good fish!

I can't say I've found it harder to fish recently but I always did try clicking as fast as I could, may be why I found fishing hard to get into. Love it now. And what a good fit it is with Alchemy.

Galoheart said...

I rarely every go fishing looking for schools of fish.

If i find a school of fish where i'm at when i survey the area i fish the school of fish and if i see any floating debris i fish it out for what goodies that may be there. However i never actively go fishing looking for schools of fish. I just head out and go on a regular fishing trip to catch fish or level skill.

Leveling skill is all over now. But once or twice a week i schedule time just to go fishing to some place i like to fish at. Getting to 375 fishing i've fished all over Azeroth and from memory i know where ever fish type is i can find or need to find if i need to. The schools of fish to me is just the bonus fishing pool when your going fishing to get a specific fish spawn in the area.

Galoheart said...

Added with that my profession also drives my need to fish for a needed supply & ingredient resource. So Alchemy also gives me added drive to fish.

However its like supply and demand in real markets. So many people hate to fish..... to me thats prime opportunity a reason to fish. If there is ever a market of supplies and on the other side people hate to do it for some reason. That is in essence prime opportunity for someone that can think in pure profit terms if they know how to use that to their advantage.

Karl said...

Thanks for all the fishing tips.

My hunter will be supplying the guild alchemist, and feeding a pet, and selling the rest.

Time for you to lvl to 67, so you can gt your flying epic, and go catch a Mr. Pinchy!!

Galoheart said...

A Alchemist will like you alot of you do him the honor of supplying him with stuff he can use IF he dosen't fish himself. Been nice with what a call a good practising Alch is a good way to free pots. Well at least i do it.

I have a lvl 52 Warrior friend who does mining and nice player send me free Thorium Ore, i send him a few free pots for the favor and i tell him where i see good mining nodes when i quest. Symbiotic relationship.

Yeah if your a Hunter i can't see why you won't fish. Most the pets eat fish, some don't but most do and its free food to catch. Valuable to sell too.

Yes i do have Mr. Pinchy in my scope and zooming in on him. Too valuable not to, another reason to fish.

I also need to win that Booty Bay Fishing Tournament on Sunday. I need that "Arcanite Rod".

Galoheart said...

Will post this as a Tip, since i'm commenting.

If you fish alot on whichever you are and you catch good fish or valuable fish. Up to you what you do if your selling it, but the absolute worst thing you can do is to dump many multiple stacks of fish on AH all at one time. Even if there is next to none on AH of the fish your putting up there. Put more up as the other ones sell off. Scarcity of goods on AH is GOOD for your profit margin.

Karl said...

Very true... you must control your market. I've never taken the time to lvl fishing on my paladin, (the AH market on my server isn't great for fish), but for my hunter, it is indeed being worked on (200+ now). In fact, my hunter will never have a pet that doesn't eat fish. Never bought pet food, and never will.

And the fact that my paladin is so busy killing undead means lots of nightcrawlers for my hunter.. :-)

Not ready for the tourney yet... (I wish they had it on Sat instead)..